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Classical Music Snooze Tune Therapy

“Sleeping Pill” CD was created by Carl Shrader for those nights, or days, when sleep is hard to come by.  It is great for both staff and patients and makes a great gift.  The CD was produced in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the Shrader recording studio and features soft, sleepy, drowsiness inspiring, short classical pieces performed by Carl.  Sample some of the pieces from the CD below!

  Traumerei Opus 15, No 7, Robert Schumann (3:22)

  Third Gymnopedie, Eric Sati (3:49)

  Venetian Boat Song No 1, Felix Mendolssohn (2:59)

  Venetian Boat Song No 2, Felix Mendolssohn (3:57)

  Venetian Boat Song, Posthumous, Felix Mendolssohn (3:23)

  About Strange Lands and People, Robert Schumann (2:13)

  Moonlight Sonata, 1st Movement, Beethoven (6:14)

  Valse Melancolique, Vladimir Rebikoff (1:47)

  Melody From “Orfeo”, Christoph Gluck (4:49)

  Child Falling Asleep, Robert Schumann (1:55)


Total Running Time: 34:46

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