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We are so glad you’re here!

Sam And CT Scanner CatsWe, at MedLaugh, would like to welcome you to our site.  As you peruse the art and shirt designs we want to remind you that as health care workers,  you have it really TOUGH!  The constant demands of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of your jobs take a huge toll on you as you go about your required tasks taking care of your patients and supporting your peers.  MedLaugh was created pretty much out of desperation for our personal mental well-being and to help us relieve the stresses that build up every single day and sometimes build up over time to seemingly unmanageable proportions.  However, there had to be a way for us to deal with this stress and MedLaugh was it!    It is, to say, a CAT scan of our brains.   Many of the situations depicted here are things that we would love to do, or say, and that we know we cannot.  We have said them for you to help you deal with your stress.  Any names involved herein have been assigned to the art at random and do not reflect the actions or names of real people or situations.

You will find two types of art on MedLaugh–art for shirt designs, and cartoons.   Please note that any and all cartoons can be ordered and printed on the blank products listed.  Art can also be customized to some degree and we are always willing to try to accommodate that.  Simply email us if you find something that you would like to customize that is not available in our drop-down menus.  Our goal is for you to be happy, satisfied customers, but more than that, we want you to wear MedLaugh products proudly and to always remember that you are vital to the well-being of your patients and that as you work with them, you truly will make a difference in their lives. And besides, as you utilize your skills in your professions you are doing something that they CANNOT (and probably don’t want to) do!   So you have to KEEP ON doing it!  We would love to hear from you and tell us about how we can help you manage YOUR stress!   Thanks for visiting MedLaugh-your prescription for laughter!  Visit again, soon, for the new cartoon of the week!