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Happy Thanksgiving!

Medical TurkeyWelcome to the MedLaugh blog!  As we celebrate Thanksgiving we are sooooo blessed.  Many of us will have to work on Thanksgiving, either by choice or by design.   However, Thanksgiving is a day to be glad, warm, and for many of us the first words from us  besides “mommy” and “daddy” might have been “thank you.”  Wherever you are and whatever you do on this day affects many others.    Some of us will be with family or friends.    Those of us who have to work are also very lucky.  Think of the cheer you can bring to your patients or your peers as you work with them on this very special day.  So, go at it, get it done!  Bring kind words, kind actions to your patients and peers at work.   Remember how easy it would be to flip a coin and be on the other side!  You may never know how the life of someone you touched on Thanksgiving may be changed forever!

Thanks for joining us for this fantastic day of celebration!    We would love to hear about your Thanksgiving day and how it was special for you!      Carl   Creator–MedLaugh

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