About Us

Welcome to MedLaugh.com, your prescription for laughter, where we provide comic relief for healthcare workers. If you need a cure for the medical blues, then MedLaugh is the right place for you!

MedLaugh accidentally began in a surgical intensive care unit in Chattanooga, Tennessee. That night, around 4 AM a nurse decided she had had enough and was going to go home. Nothing said or done could really cheer her up so a respiratory therapist decided to sketch a little cartoon, make this nurse a “star” in it and post it where she could see it. Needless to say, that nurse finished her shift and came back for a whole bunch more! Thus, the birth of MedLaugh.

It’s founder, Carl Shrader, began posting cartoons around the hospital and soon discovered that the halls of the hospital were filled with laughter and the mood was growing much lighter. He began to share his cartoons with other healthcare workers in other hospitals. Soon, MedLaugh grew into this behemoth “thing” and Carl realized that more great minds were needed. Enter Matt Vargo. Soon Carl and Matt were creating new ideas and laughing and wheezing their way to new heights. After several years, Matt decided to go back to school and became a CRNA, leaving Carl to continue to spread the MedLaugh cheer. Matt’s many creative ideas are featured on the MedLaugh website to this day and his anesthesia apps are favorites with the anesthesia world and loved by many (visit www.Vargoanesthesia.com). Carl and Matt continue to create new ideas for your enjoyment and stress relief.

Good Nursing Magazine

MedLaugh cartoons have been featured in Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul, and Good Nursing Magazine (both web and hardcover). Carl and Matt have authored Nurse’s Survival Manual, Med/Surg Nurse’s Survival Manual, and Carl has authored Nursin’ Ain’t Easy. Soon on the scene will be Critical Care Nurse’s Survival Manual.

We are proud that you have visited our website and hope that you will return often as you find coworkers that are in need of a “Cheer Tune-Up.” Bring them on board and watch the transformation.

Finish the shift and come back for many more!

This site is dedicated to my mother, Ann, for all the years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice she gave of herself as an RN.  – Carl